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Professional Pet
Dental Cleaning


Our main objective is to provide a healthy and safe alternative to traditional anesthetic-induced cat and dog dental cleanings. We combine skilled training, and a gentle approach to effectively clean the tartar from the exposed areas of the teeth as well as under the gumline while your pet remains alert and comfortable at all times. This procedure will have significant effects on your pet’s health, including a cleaner mouth and a brighter smile.

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Our technicians are highly qualified and certified to perform this method using proprietary techniques with a proven track record. This method is perfect for older pets or those with health concerns that won’t allow them to go under anesthesia.

We start the cleaning treatment by removing the plaque and calculus on your pet’s teeth. In addition, we further clean the bacteria under the gum line and finish by polishing, cleaning, and rinsing the animal’s mouth.



At the end of the treatment, you receive photos of the before dental cleaning without anesthesia and after cleaning.

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My pet's teeth were an absolute mess and his mouth smelled awful. I was not aware of the need for a dental cleaning and over time, his teeth got pretty bad. I decided to give it a try and loved the results. The people at Advance Pet Grooming did an exellent job. All his teeth were completely cleaned in an out. His breath was fresh and I was finally able to get doggie kissies again. I will make sure to take better care of his dental health from now on.

Edward Hathorn

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