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Delivery Services

We offer pick-up and delivery services for your pets!

Delivery Services

In addition to providing your pet with love and attention when you’re away, Advance Pet Grooming offers home pick-up and delivery service in the morning and afternoon from Tuesday through Friday.

Advanced notice is required, appointments must be scheduled at least one day in advance. 

Pick-up and delivery rates will be calculated by the mile. The total cost will be calculated according to your address. We charge by the mile in each direction. 

There is an initial cost for pick-up and delivery for each pet depending on your pet’s size, this is a handling fee which includes the procedure to disinfect the travel crate between the transport of each pet. At your choice, we can use your own crate or our comfortable travel crate. All delivery fees must be processed at the time you schedule your appointment.

Pick-up: 9am – 10am / Delivery: 2pm – 4pm

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