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Creative Grooming

Learn more about the hottest new grooming trend!

Creative Grooming

Creative Grooming and Coloring is a trending thing amongst pet owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats and chickens to name a few. If done by a competent, Professional Groomer dyeing your pets fur is safe and it can be heaps of fun. You can change up your colour with each groom, let your imagination go to work.

Dog hair dye temporary colors are gentle on the coat of your pet. 

No ammonia or peroxide, which means no harm to your dog's coat.

We use pet safe dog hair dye. All dyes are completely non-toxic. 

Coloring results vary with coat type and breed. 

Pricing varies depending on the dye job.

Pet Hair Chalk 

Does not compromise the coat in any way, safe for all pets! Adhere well on pet’s hair with bright and vibrant colors.Works well both on dark coat and light color coats. We recommend applying a grooming spray before using pet hair chalk to achieve a more long-lasting color.

Available colors: Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Brown, Grey

Temp Ink, Glitter Gel and Color Paste

This is temporary color ink that is non-toxic and washable.  All the materials adopted are safe and won’t cause any damage to your pets.

The color is bright, easy to dry & easily cleaned with a one-time water rinse and can be used on any coat color.

Available colors: Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Black and Yellow

Semi-Permanent Color

This is non-toxic and gentle semi-permanent colors for pet. No long term commitment that gradually washes away through around 8 washes. Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed. No ammonia or peroxide. Colors will last longer for fine and soft haired coat types, where colors will wash out in around 8 washes. For wirehaired coat type colors will wash away more quickly.

Available colours: Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Brown and Black.

Permanent Color

Permanent Color lasts for more than 20 washes. For creative grooming competition and professional Groomers use. Can also be groomed out for the long coat breeds.The bright, fashionable and unique colors work best for long lasting pet grooming. Let your pets stand out from the rest! Results may vary with coat type and breed. Non-toxic and gentle on pet’s coat! All the colors can be mixed with each other according to your own preference and can be used on any coat colour.

Available colours: Orange, Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Brown, Green, Pink, Black, Navy Blue and Pink

Lightening Cream 

This is a bleaching process to enhance lighter coats. This is a service that should only be performed by a professional as it can cause sensitivity to the skin if applied incorrectly.

Do not under any circumstances use hair color intended for humans on your pets. The chemicals in the hair color are toxic, and an animal’s first instinct is to lick off anything foreign they come in contact with. Also, the pH level of your pet’s skin is very different from a human’s, and your pet could have an adverse reaction.

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